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International Public Charity Organization
Committee "Open International Dialogue"
07.06.2017 declaration of establishment of













Committee "Open International Dialogue"
07.06.2017 declaration



1 § The purpose of the association is to pursue ideal activities in the form of one, Our labour is dependent communication and interaction with other actors. This means that we are dependent on linking significant contacts with political parties, the public, community organizations, scientific institutions.This will result in growth and development of the aid organization. This is the strategic plan and the foundation of the year. Our work will also be developed and targeted, with a special goal that We began in 2006 and the development of our project: Electronic Newspaper In Economic Science Center In Humanitarian Assistance Center And Save Money Linking Different Tasks. The association is aimed at people of all ages, regardless of background. The association will actively work to counter all forms of discrimination. And in addition, strategic goals are in the expansion of the countries in the world, the four languages ​​speak (Swedish, Russian, Arabic and English).

2 § Composition

The organization is established at the Annual General Meeting of Founders of Russian Citizens and Citizens of Syria and Citizens of Swedish. At the formation of property the organization attend its founder, who has any ownership rights in relation to the property of the organization. Organization founder is not responsible for the obligations of the organization. The founders of the organization after registration of the organization are members of the organization and members have the same rights and obligations.

3 § Decision-making bodies

The Association's decision-making bodies are annual meetings, extra annual meetings and the board.


The association's company is subscribed by the Board or, if the Board so decides, by two Board members in common or by one or more specially appointed persons.

5 § Operations and fiscal year

The association's fiscal year and fiscal year are 2017 calendar year in 07.06

9 § Resolution of the compound

Resolution of the association requires two consecutive meetings, with at least one month's intervals, one of which shall be the annual meeting, with at least two thirds of the votes cast. In resolutions resolving the association, the association's assets shall be donated to Olga Nikolaenko, Muez Abu al Jadael, Stellan Bäcklund and the association's documents, etc. shall be filed at Stadsarkivet Stockholm sollentuna







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